A Day of Worries

I hate being paranoid or scared about things, but I constantly find myself checking and re-checking things I've done or said in the day, wondering if I did the right things or said the right stuff.  It's aggravating at night, because then I can't sleep, worrying over what new things people may think of me tomorrow because of how I acted today.  I know it's very common that people are worried over things like this, but I just wish I could be more sure about myself.
LiquidFire89 LiquidFire89
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2007

Hi, I am always working on myself, and I have found an author/Healer called Anne Jones. I have read a couple of books by her which I have found really helpful. 1 called Heal yourself which covers believing in yourself more and taping into your confidence, that you are self assured and do not need to seek the approval of other people. I have been exactly the same as you, in worrying what people think about me, over analysing conversations I have had i.e have I said the wrong thing. Reading the books has reminded me that I am the same as everybody else and no-one is any better than me. Therefore, I do not need to always be looking up at others, but beleiving in myself. Another good book by the same authoer is called dealing with negative energies, I don't know about you but I can totally absorb other peoples moods etc and take them on as my own. I am learning to build a barrier around myself so I do not constantly absorb the offices worries and carry them around on my shoulders. And accept if someone sat at the desk is a black mood it has 0 to do with me. Paranoia is a nightmare, and I totally sympathise with you, but it is is something we have to learn to deal with the best we can whether it be medication or self help books or alternative therapies.

it is easier said then done<br />
look in the mirror each day and say I am perfect the way I am