I Worry Obsessively I Guess You Could Say Over the Stupidest Most Rediculous Things

i worry about alot of things and most of the time once they are on my mind they tend not to go away

sometimes i think some of my friends are secretly hating me and are just being annoyed by me somehow and then they're going to decide to forget me out of their lives so i won't annoy them

sometimes i worry over things so much i make myself depressed somehow

i get the feeling sometimes that the people who have my trust aren't worth trusting but the fact is i trust them-it just scares me that since i trust them i'm going to be let down and betrayed in someway--becuase i have trusted some people i got close to as friends and only to be stabed in the back--

i went out with a guy once-who did nothing but lie-on the 2nd day we were going out he said "i love you soo much" and then he lied from then on-ofcourse we only went out for a week and i could see right through his every lie and when he said he loved me i really didn't pay much attention to it not even enough to worry about saying it back--later on i remembered him saying that and i thought about it- i loved a  person before so i know what it felt like and i knew he did not at all know me well enough or long enough to love me even the slightest bit--he still tries to have conversation with me--he runs up to me as soon as he sees me and i don't know why--i guess apparently he can't tell that i really really dislike him

sometimes i worry that i'll let someone down

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2 Responses Aug 10, 2007

I understand this. I have awful anxiety issues. And I envy the people who can just let things slide off their shoulder like it's nothing. I worry constantly. If a friend doesn't text me back I think they're mad at me, if my boyfriend doesn't call when he says he will, I think he's going to break up with me. My anxiety doesn't just affect me but everyone around me. I don't want to be medicated for it, but I don't want to live this way.<br />
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One thing I've found that helps that I feel comfortable recomending is finding a happy place, like books or music. I have that, and I also deal with my anxiety with my true love - cigarettes. But that's not something I like to prescribe. ;)<br />
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Good luck, dear. Know that you're not alone.

I think that is a justified reason to be paranoid. I worry about some of the same things. Mostly the last one; that I will let people down.