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for as far back as i can remember paranoia has been a part of my life. am always thinking that my friends dont really like me and that they are going to regect me at some point in the future. i know now through councling that is not the case and i have some lovely friends, but i still have the paranoia that if i reveal what goes on inside my head and how i really feel, that they will leave me and i will be on my own
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2 Responses Feb 6, 2007

yeah i agree, i have often been bullied in the past & so i automatically expect people to not like me..or the slightest little thing i do wrong i think people will stop liking me for. i often worry about doing really anti-social things (even though i would never really do them) and i am often very harsh on myself and set high standards to myself, i will always be a socially-challenged freak bt at least i have my friends now!

Paranoia is and has always been apart of my life aswel. Just know that somewhere out there, someone will always love you no matter how difficult the times get. Hold your head high.