I Am Maybe Even Too Nice!

This is really extreme with me. I not only open the door, hold it, but I also make a small bow, and make people feel at ease. :)

When I was little, I used to secretly point at people who talked in a conversation, at the exact time, so I could measure the pace of how much someone talked and how long I took to talk back. And I wanted, always, to give everyone the exact same amount of time, attention, love, all around me. Everybody had thesame rights, everyone.

But most of all, as a little heartstealing girlie around the age of 6, 7, I wanted to make everyone happy. By being funny, smart, well educated, very aware of others and their feelings, and being just joyful and happy myself. I understood, like most kids, that happiness produces happiness. And I loved to spread my joy, equally, among everyone.

The sense of equality was just extreme. If someone is nice to you, you mostly return it back. So with my part, I tripled their effort, sometimes even so much that I completely lost myself in it, in a good and also a bad way: sometimes I really wasn't myself. But I have a pretty good understanding of how to deal with that nowadays. Just try not to get lost.. :p

If I would need to pick one emotion that represents everybody , for me, without knowing them, I would say they're friendly. So, people do not start at neutral, they start at the rating friendly. This could be taken as me being immature, naive, unsophisticated, uncorrupt, virtuous even.. But it doesn't need to be. I think it's a matter of choice, and I've made mine a long time ago. Plus, people give what they get. And I guess I am friendly to just about anyone, especially people who I don't know.



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I think its cute that u take a bow lol..i think that would make my day :)

How impressing, and inspiring,<br />
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I think you are just a kind soul,<br />
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Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story

I think I also challenge people, but in a different way, like you said. My kind nature permits me to go totally random, and I usually ask a lot quite energetically, which makes them do think. But I like your way of working too, head-on and ruthless, I can see people can be offended, but they need to understand you to see what you mean. Do you maybe express your frustration? I can imagine you know...<br />
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I'm not worrying ;). I've never had anything to worry about with you. (Or anybody here on EP)

I also like to challenge people and if I don't respect them in a disrespectful way. This is what I did to some of my teachers when I was in school. Especially to those who were close minded. As you, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and show them kindness (it is not in my nature to do otherwise). However where you have embraced kindness to wake them up (if I may say so), I have learned to embrace the power of my isolation to surprise them, hopefully change their thinking and increase their awareness. This is my rebellious nature.<br />
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"Darkness within darkness the gate to all mystery." - Tao Te Ching<br />
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Don't worry if I do this I only do this to closed minded people.

Me you aswell. Takes a lot of courage to be able to choose your own ways and do's and don'ts , especially if the majority thinks otherswise, or you get in trouble with your ideas.

No it's okay. Many people think of a rebel as one of those supposed cool kids, partying and getting drunk almost every weekend, etc... But they are just followers. The true rebel is the one who studies hard who takes time to look around to see beauty in mystery and is rejected because of it. But this doesn't stop him/her.<br />
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I would consider you a rebel of some sort.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated on the rebel youth part :p. But you get the idea :)

I don't need to imagine, the rebel youth I've had, made my worst dreams possible, I've experimented much on people. I know exactly how it feels to holding back a whole group because I'm trying to be friendly. And yes, this is one of the opposites, I love your way of thinking.<br />
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It could take away the meaning if you are always kind, but that doesn't need to mean that you cannot be kind all the time. You can have, for example, a terrible personality, but always amaze people by being kind. I think the intention is important here too: if you just do it, it becomes a part of you. But if you specifically do it, I think people will see it. It doesn't mean they will or will not expect it, but they will understand you make them feel special.... or something like that..

Often, it is by taking things to the extreme that we can learn. You sound like a fun person who is not afraid to play around this way. But have you ever taken it the other way. Perhaps, by taking the first move you have made the journey smoother for both yourself and the other person. Imagine getting off a bus or train and holding back a whole group of people behind you because you and someone else couldn't make up your mind who will go first. Does it take away the meaning when you show kindness to someone if you do it all the time. Any interesting story.