I Feel Badly For Animals

I don't think it is fair that we continue to develop land and the poor animals have to "relocate". I am beginning to think there are too many people for the planet. I have done my part and haven't had children (for other reasons, I don't think this is a "good world" for someone  that i love to bring into-heck look at all the violence). I don't agree w/Zoos, although i admittedly have patronized them. I hate to see animals confined and not in their natural habitate. Of course someone could make an arguement against me w/my cat (he was a stray) I just love him so much. He certainly seems well adjusted. If someone were to fall into a bear's den (at the zoo) and is mulled, seems to me the poor animal ISN't happy, and is taking out his aggressions. I hate seeing animals in cages. So small and isn't normal. I don't however, agree when someone is mulled in the wild (unless of course the animal is provoked-in that case they would deserve it).
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Jul 16, 2010