Chimp Attack

Anyone hear in the news the story of the chimp who was killed for attacking his owner's friend and nearly killing the person?   The owner admittedly gave the critter valium to calm it down & it had the opposite effect.  She lived with the animal like a real person.   Ate, slept, BATHED with it, drank wine... WTF?  What else did she do with it?  I shudder to think!!

Owning wild animals is just inhumane..  should be illegal... makes me sick!


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No - Do Tell!

Here Here... Puts a whole new twist on the Selective Darwinism Theory.<br />
<br />

Which one is the superior species? <br />
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That's a very good question indeed.... <br />
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~ Changing name to Jane Goodall & scratches butt in disbelief ~

Thank you Halcy!<br />
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Yes, let the squids rule.. or we could let them supervise the penguins who are infinitely better as well.

yeah... octuplets. my bad..<br />
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~ if you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em ~<br />
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very scary!!

yes indeedy.... her and the woman of the sextuplets, now with 14 kids on welfare.... but that's a whole nuther story.

Indeed OVERDOSE<br />
<br />
B-A-T-H-E-D with it!!!!

She bathed with it?! o_o

Nice post halcyon! I didn't know this about chimp society. Humans are such idots!

OMG Mitch - I hadn't heard that about the medical personnel. What a sad story!

It's really sad. I'm with putting the woman in a cage with them and let them have their way with her.