It's a great affront to me, when animals are put down after an attack on a human being.  The human being, is almost always in the wrong - and even when not - an animal is an animal, and should NOT pay with its life, for behaving as such.

Humans so often point out their intellectual superiority over the rest of the earth's animal population, so shouldn't it follow that they should know better, and take responsibility for not acting better?

It's horrifying to me, that this line of thinking, seems to be beyond comprehension, to so many.

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It's just such a sad thing, isn't it.

I have to agree with you, I have seen many people camping, or hiking and comming between a bear and her cubs or other wildlife to only be attacked then the animal is put down because he is considered dangerous, when the unfortunate thing is the animal was in the wrong place at the wrong time comming close to a clueless human being

Yeah I have. Crazy crazy man.... I got angry watching that, actually, especially when he started trying to change the waterway for the salmon etc.... leave nature to do it's thing!<br />
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Scary that, even people who believe they're helping and protecting animals can so often be, in reality, stuffing things up for them in the future.

If you haven't seen Grizzly Man. It is a great movie that shows how stupid we have become in regards to the forces of nature.