animals attack for very good reasons. Bear attacks are rare, even when they do occur, ita uaually because people were getting too close to a pair of cubs. Think about it, you see someone apporaching your brood, what would you do when you can't communicate otherwise?


people are just stupid

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This group makes so much sense... I agree totally. me too! people ARE stupid...

There are many indigent peoples living in harmoney with wild life. It's a question of understanding their behaviour. When ur in a wild animals environment it makes sense to understand their behaviour. The incidence of animals attacking humans is very low compared with number of encounters. When it does happen the animal is usually feeling threatened. Even great White don't see humans as prey as a matter of preference, they just eat the odd Aussie surfer now and then. Well u can't knock them for that ...dude.

It's easy to be on the side of the animals from your safe, cozy chair. Personally, I think you'd have a completely different take on it if you were walking on a nature path and found yourself being attacked by a wild animal. Or you lived in a country were you had a regular threat of wild animals.



Problem is that "bad news" sells. I did a report in favor of Pit bulls in response to someone that thought Pits should be banned and I exposed all his (supposed) facts to be false. But these are the "facts" that legislators are using for BSL laws.<br />
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Thank you for saying this. You're definitely telling it like it is. Other animals (WE're animals, too, you know!) are the ones put upon by the worse predator/killer/thief/desecrator there is -- MAN. In almost every instance, when the background of an incident is known and studied, it can be proven that humans are the aggressors or at best, the ignorant and thoughtless, and the members of other species are almost always trying to defend themselves or their families, or just survive. Good on ya! ;)