Its Saturday What To Wear What To Wear...

I find that as I am waking up on the weekends my mind is trying to decide what to wear today. So once out of bed shower, shave, which has a more comprehensive meaning then just my face. I hate the days when I can't even decide which panty to wear.

So sometimes closing my eyes root around my panty drawer and pick what ever I feel first. Hose is never a question, I wear hose every day, except maybe what color. I decided to put a brand new pair on... sheer energy all sheer taupe. I think I will go all the way today so its nails, full makeup and longer brown hair today. I have a few hours of work to do at the computer so after a few swaps I decided to wear a full business suite, The skirt is just at knee level a cranberry satin top and the matching jacket. Some pearls clip on earrings lipstick to match my blouse. I need a cup of coffee then I can get my computer work. I guess its my bank president fantasy.

Once that is done I have a nice one piece bathing suite, short white shorts that I can change into to do my house work in. That plus a few movies will coast me into this evening. I might change into something else for dinner but maybe not... That is the power of what to wear......
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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

If I take too long to decide my wife will decide for me.