I Now Wear Female Clothing All The Time.

   My wife is turning me into a Transvestite.  I am on meads that will help me grow my breasts. But the other day I was taken out and bought a complete wardrobe of female cloths, I have no more male cloths.

I have even been bought special female cloths for work that will slowly show my female side. I hope that it works, I guess it don't  matter as I have to dress this way now and my wife is seeing to it. I had three days of training on doing my hair and makeup and clothing. I were mostly baby dolls around the house.  

  She has been talking about showing me off to some friends. She knows how I feel about things as she makes me sit naked and asks questions. If my c*ck gets hard she knows I like the ideas. This questioning lasts about half an hour each day.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Now that is one hell of a lie detector test! I don't think they use that method in the Jerry Springer show!! You sound as if you are in heaven with your new life!

omg you are the luckiest married gurrl alive, dear.<br />
hope u appreciate it, love.