Iv Been Controled 2 Long

and now its gone to far. my parents r really over steping the boundery.iv taken it all my life but now its gona stop . because no 1 has the rite to make my son feel like a failure. no 1, he a very smart very kind  caren boy , has respect 4 his elders .love his granparents and it shocked me just as much as him . but i no wot ther ar like and im used 2 being put down .but when my dad shoutd a nasty comment be cause he is doin odd jods r a lil extra pocket money and my son wos so proud tht he wos doin so well . and hes the kinda lad tht wld give u his last pound if u need it . im so proud of him . but it wos a so upsetn to hear wot had happend. he came home wi his eyes red tryn not to look upset .aw my lil man . rite now i really hate my family so much .
moll moll
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 5, 2007

Naw sweetie, i feel sorry for your son; you're right, your son shouldn't be condemned, he's working so hard and I'm sure he's a kind person :)

I just told them. They are cool now.