The Higher The Better When Vaccuuming !

Here's something interesting about me that you might not know. I always wear platform heels when I vaccuum. Doesn't everyone?? It's supposed to be very good for toning your leg muscles. And believe it or not, it's also easier on your lower back. This is true because wearing heels forces good posture. When posture is good, there is less stress on the lower back. And, as long as I'm wearing heels, I might as well wear a mini skirt and a thong. Or maybe just the miniskirt....... Why not look and feel sexy while doing the household chores? I don't think anyone will mind..... Would you?
Likkmee Likkmee
46-50, F
4 Responses May 12, 2012

Awesome! Its true it is good for your posture. I do the same I am really happy to find a other women that does the same. :)

I can only encourage you sweetheart to do what you like...and what we would love to see, and watch. But please let me have a towel or washcloth so I can keep the drool from getting the carpet wet.......(very, very big smile)!!!!!!!

I vacuum naked, maybe I should try the heels as well.

Why not? If it works for ya go for it !!

Wow that's hot I bet your look so sexy in heels! I agree with the rest a photo would be hot!