This group makes me so Happy!!! Everybody should at least try this! The liberating freedom!!!!! Heres to all the naked vaccumers!!!

Blondevixon Blondevixon
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20 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Ill just go get the vac then sat lol.

im very houseproud you would have to vacum constantly lol

I us to be a kirby salesman , i would have enjoyed giving you a full demo , always allowed to try before you buy

Lol! edagain! You cant trust Henry can you? Keep a eye out for the up ******* vix nearly naked hoovering shot ******* to her album on ep!!!!

i would be cleaning your windows , i would be very thorough, that cream cleaner is a git to get off

Good one georgeg! My rule is If i cant see them then they cant see me lol!

my rule is simple, if neighbors want to look in my windows, I am not paying for their therapy :-)


Satman has said it for us all. Well the outcum anyway lol! I want to see the stocking and suspenders vacuuming

yes , yes yes , yes , oops

I can feel a new photo session ******* on!!! Titled "Domestic Bliss" lol....requests from friends taken!!!

ditto to that

I think BV doing anything naked would be worth it.

Stop the teasing stevester lol!

BV the red undies.

Oh my goodness stevester!!! Take your sordid images away from my story! Lol! Caught in a vaccum...ouch! er satman lol!

Its because guys hate vacuuming. Well except for the desperate ones who stick their **** in it. Ouch!!!

Haha! Nice try sat!...Look out for the newest addition to my album lol!

i am the naked vacum police , and must insist on some evidence

This stikes up the image of Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl doing the vacuuming in her stockings and suspenders. Still gives me a trouser tingle to this day.