I love stretching my vagina open as far as I can and putting anything nice and big in there I really want to be fisted but never succeed
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I love ******* the female vagina add me so we can chat as I can't add you

What happened that you weren't able to be fisted?

I would LUV 2 Hav PLEASURE of ******* u hit me up

I love to be stretched. How can I loosen up to take my mans fist

I hope you succeed

Can I fist your *****

I love all that. My master/lover fists me and it is so hot. I liked the feeling of being stretched when I was younger but didn't go that far on my own - I was scared my **** wouldn't go back to its old size.
Have you tried putting the largest thing you can up you and then leaving it in, do other things (or perhaps over-night!). Then try something just a bit bigger. Go on till you get there.
However it is MUCH more fun to have a man help you!!!!!!! (or a woman if that turns you on)

this is my ultimate fantasy, but too sub to do it by myself

I would love to help....

Ever since I walked into my mom getting fisted by her boyfriend I have been stretching my vagina as much as I can. I use the biggest toys that I can fit and just pound them into my vagina. I want my vagina to be so loose so I can get fisted like my mommy :)

Honey, I love being fisted but I'm 25. Leave it till later, even though, I admit, it sounds hot. I'm not sure it's a good idea to be so stretched so early. How far have you got? What do you use?

Sweet love the way u think

Oh baby I love to take a lil ***** and give it all it can take and alil more I use to do it with the ex she loved jumping on the bed with my fist deep in her god Iiss that

I wanna help. ;) I'm pretty petite. :)

I like the vaginas I play with to be nice and tight but if open far is your turn on then having a young girl turned on is definitely something I like to do.

I'll fist you...add me please.

You should consider buying a big inflatable plug.
You'll stretch in no time if you can keep your vagina stuffed for as long as you can, as often as possible. Ideally, you'd sleep with something big inside it. Loose holes are such great fun, don't lose that enthusiasm!

How close have you gotten?


I have been stretching my vagina as much as I can since I was around 15. I love stretching my vagina using the biggest objects I can fit in there. When I was 15 I walked in on my Mom getting fisted by one of her boyfriends and it looked soooo sexy and she looked like she was in heaven. Her vagina sucked his hand up like it was nothing and he was just pounding his whole hand in and out of her vagina. That day I told myself I wanted to have a very, very loose vagina. I wanted to be able to fit huge things inside of me and get fisted all the time. I can **** my vagina with a two liter soda bottle...big end first, get fisted with two hands in my vagina at once, and take the biggest ****** made. I love having such a loose vagina :)

Amazingly hot!

I love having a super loose vagina! I feel so sexy having a huge, dripping wet, gaping hole in between my legs.

You have a very lucky man!

He tells me all the time how sexy I look because my vagina is so loose and gapes open :) I don't understand why pretty much all girls want to have a tight vagina and pretty much all guys want a girl with a tight vagina...having a tight vagina is so disgusting!

This is so hot, I love to be fisted but not too often. I like to be able to grip my lover's **** in either hole.
But the idea of being so open is hot just to imagine.

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Try putting a frozen hungarian sausage in your vagina

I'd love fist you

Having that "full feeling" is really nice.

7 of my last 9 girlfriends have loved being fisted. Nothing like feeling your lover clamping down rhythmically un able to escape the next ******.

Get an anal plug, a big one... Easily slides in stretches you slowly because of the shape. Then leave it in for as long as you can stand - that'll really open you up. That's how I started and now I can swallow a soda can in there without trying !

Wow! Nice idea! What size diameter plug did you work up to?

I've been trying to find someone with a small enough fist that could fit inside of me. Maybe we could do it together? Or at least share our experiences.

Hopefully you'll soon be stretched beautifully big enough for tpp :)


Hey I'm expert in that

Ive managed to fist myself a few times but I was extremely horny those days and had played for hours and hours

Keep practicing!