Because I'm A Spelling And Grammar Nerd...

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LOL .. love it!!!

Thanks! :)

I really should join this group ... makes me happy to know I am not the only nerd out there!

Oh, you have no idea. I'm kind of anal about it, especially with my own writing. It's a sickness, lol.

I am also very anal about spelling and grammar imperfections. So I am mortified when I read something that I have already posted that has errors that I failed to catch. To be honest, many of them are attributed to my phone's auto speller. It's often far better at guessing wrong about what I am trying to spell, than I am at catching the mistake. As a literate fellow, I wince at those mistakes.

I am exactly the same way and often end up editing my stories when I catch errors. I'll sometimes delete and retype comments, too. I'm a little ridiculous about it, but I can't help it. I'm more forgiving of others' mistakes, though. However, I have a really hard time and will often stop reading stories where the spelling and grammar are really bad. I try to focus on the content of the story, but my mind gets pulled away noticing the errors.

I'm laughing, we are such kindred spirits of communication. I'm exactly the same. I twitch at my slightest error, as if my reader were one of my English teachers. And I also have to bale on poorly written stories. The worst are those from Borat-like authors, who even if writing in their native language, are likely unintelligible. And because I think the whole objective of EP is to communicate thoughts, opinions and experiences, I think one should care about getting their point across. That's why I so value great writers like yourself!

Thank you for the compliment. I don't consider myself anywhere near a great writer, but yes, we do seem to agree on the spelling and grammar issues. :)

O.k,now I really feel stupid.Amidst all the groans,moans and slight chuckles,am I the only person who lol at this and thought it was really funny?Am I that warped? Must be the fever..yeah,that's it,I'm blaming it on the fever.still

I think it's funny, too, which is why I posted it. :) Glad you found the humor.

I'm always looking for it....under furniture,behind appliances,in drawers,closets,nooks and even crannies. You might say it's an obsession,but it's better than chasing storm clouds I think.

Most assuredly! Have to find the humor and fun wherever it may be hiding.

Sure,and then there are those times that you just have to sit patiently hear something rustling in the tall grass,just along the edge of insanity,and you hold your breath,and close your eyes slowly,so as not to scare whatever it is off,with the sound of your lashes touching your cheek,and then you sense whatever it is,approaching from the's so close you can almost feel it's warm breath on the nape of your neck,and slowly,careful not to move a muscle,you raise your eye lids,crook your neck ever so slightly,and there,right beside you,sits the woopie cushion that comics wet dreams are made of,and in that's all your's.You just had to let the comedy come to you.Brrrrp!!! :O

Oh my. You have such an imagination. Don't care for the whoopie cushion brand of humor, but fun is fun. Have at it! :) Also, I am not particularly good at patiently waiting, but I'm getting better under protest. :)

lol The cushion was more metaphor than literal,and patience is a I just need someone to explain virtue to me. Hmmm?

Not one of my virtues, but like I said, working on it under protest. :)

o.k,just googled virtue,and it turns out the reason I probably was unclear what it was,is likely due to the fact that I don't possess any,yikes! Now,why prey tell ,would a woman of your stature and obvious pedigree,want to change even a single trait? what good could possiblt come of this.Don't mess with perfection.;)

Oh, diggler, you're always so complimentary. Thank you.

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*Groans, rolls eyes ... giggles slightly"

Hehe. Was in a silly mood. Saw this and felt the need to post it. :)

Did you two sleep at all?? Wow! :) You guys are like a machine!

I don't sleep well typically, but this is early for me. Couldn't get back to sleep upon waking. And hello, pot calling kettle? ;)

Hehee, yea, I guess I am a kettle!

I slept really great actually. However, I was not thrilled with how early I had to get up this morning - but tis my routine for awhile.

Pot, Kettle and ... ? What am I?

Kitchen sprite? ;)

Oooh ... I like it! Done and done! (Note to self: am saying that too much lately, new phrase time). :-)

Hahaha - yes, need new phrases myself. :)

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Cute! So now I have to make sure my posts are correct! Yikes!

I'm more forgiving of others than I am of myself. I'm nowhere near perfect, though.

Okay. That makes me feel better.

Plus, there's always "artistic license." :)