Family Honor

My parents have strongly instilled me the value of family honor. Some of the things a person does will reflect upon his family. It is a bit traditional, I admit, but I do see the significance of this.

The society seems to be moving towards a more individualistic assessment of each person. Right now, in many societies, it is more like what you bring to the table rather than what your background is. However, there are still remnants of such societal practices. At one point or another, we probably all have encountered a person who asks whose son or daughter are you. This is what I meant when I say it reflects upon the family. They would then connect you to the background of the family.

I don't support those who use family honor to bend anyone to their wishes. I, however, do feel a bit sad when a person absolutely does not care about his family. A person's blemish is his family's blemish. A family's blemish is a person's blemish.

For instance, a man robbing a bank might think that getting imprisoned will only affect him. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Aside from the sadness and stress parents have to endure, they also have to face the humiliation that their son did such crime. Just place them in a hormone-paced quarrel and someone is bound to jeer about their convict-son. Or, if the man has children, they will have to face the reality of his friends asking where his father is. Or the wife who gets to raise the child all alone while her partner languishes in jail.

I think family honor is the reason why I don't just jump into things. I want to "keep my father standing tall." I never want my family to shirk from society because of something I did. I value family honor. I value our name.
mareliberum mareliberum
Dec 1, 2012