I do value Friendships...A LOT...but they dont value it..=/...i want to find a friend dat values me 4 me..Someone i can count on..dat is their 4 me...ill pay dem wit the same...i consider myself as a good friend loyal 2 dem..but not a lot of ppl..get to c dat side of me...they dont bother 2 i guess..
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YAY!!! ^_^ good...=)

LOL!! Ahhh... Ya I know who would kill me?? I'm too good for that, just kidding!<br />
<br />
GOOD! <3 I already know that tho!

Ohh yeah im an old man dat wats 2 kill u!<br />
who would want to kill u..lil poor thin..=D<br />
<br />
Yeah im sure not a Old man..i can ASSURE u dat..=D

So hopefully you're not some old man that's gonna kill me! Jk, I know you're not!! :D<br />
<br />
Awww <33.

I so do feel SPECIAL cuz u said "You're like the only other person I am probably going to exchange #'s with!! ;] "<br />
<br />
How can i not VALUE OUR friendship Missy??

<333 You are special~<br />
<br />
At first I thought you said, I don't!! Ahh I got scared!

Well guess wat?..i DO!!! ^_^<br />
Oh really...YAY!!!! dont i feel SPECIAL!!! =)<br />

You better value it!!<br />
Yes there is! You're like the only other person I am probably going to exchange #'s with!! ;]<br />
Yes you do :]. And you really do, really do just like I can tell!!<br />
You're welcomeee... I would take out the time lovely!

i SOOOOO DO VALUE!!!!! Our friendship 2 =)<br />
Well r their other ways?? hehe =D...their r rite =) thanx 2 all dis technology ...=D<br />
Awwww i do...Awwwww *blushing*<br />
Awwwwww ...well thanx....Nice 2 know..their is SOMEONE out their who will take da time 2 =)<br />
thanks again Missy ^_^

Awww. I agree with you, that's exactly how I feel! I value our friendship so much I am wondering if there's a way we can be even closer friends!! You sound like the friend I am definitely looking for. I would definitely bother to see that side of you if I had met you in real life!