Not Real Friends

It is so nice to e-mail friends and they appreciate it or at least have the decency to respond to an e-mail. It only takes a minute, don't you think?.

I always send positive e-mails so that I can either put a smile on their dial or change their mood from bad to better. Some of my regular friends only e-mail me back once I stop sending e-mails or if they need advice - I do not think that quite it is fair.

I do however, send out a prayer on a daily basis - I never stop that because everyone needs to know that there is always hope!

I value friendships as they are the glue that one need the most, on times one feel a bit grouchy or yeechy.

If you are a friend to someone - keep it real or it isn't called a friendship. Joining EP makes one feel less lonely and also gives one the opportunity to meet people and help give advice to those who really need it - I'm so glad I joined.

psyhoed psyhoed
May 7, 2012