The Best And Worst

all my life, except for the years from 3rd grade thru my highschool graduation, i was always the new guy in town.
i have have always been a traveler of one sort or another.
following my father around the world when he ws in the army.
moving around to find work.
and now as an over the road trucker.
even in highschool, as soon as i got a drivers liscense, road trips were at least a monthly occurence.

but the problem with never really having a settled life is that you don't get the chance to make many lasting friendships.
in school i made all the friends that i relly consider more like family.
and that i feel a constant connection to even hundreds of miles apart.
but i always have room for more friends.
a stranger is just a friend i have not met yet.
whether or not we would ever maintain that kind of long lasting bond ya never know till time passes.

in my traveles i think i have made a few real friends.
ones that i might be able to reconnect with as easily as if we hasd just seen each other the day before.

and i have made many frinds in passing.
coll people that i enjoyed hanging out with as circumstances dictated.
and could possibly have become rel friends with more time.

as much as i am used to spending most of my time alone, i still need, crave, that human interaction.
but a friend is not something you can place a value on.

we all have a "best friend", but that bein true is it not also true that we all have a "worst friend"?
if i call someone a friend i mean it.
but i can't devalue a person just because they do not live up to the standards or expectations that another person has set for his or her self.

Devilonyashoulda Devilonyashoulda
46-50, M
1 Response May 9, 2012

Wow. This is really insightful and oddly relevant to the crap going on in my life. This definitely gave me a different perspective on things, especially that last part.

thank you. glad i could shed some light on your dilema.