I Have Made New Friends....

I come from a small family, so I think that it is good to make new friends. I would like
to meet some students that are Foreign Exchange Students, or people that want to
do mission work. I am excited to know I am not alone. I want to make a difference
in the people I care for. I have had a couple best friends. They have been further
and further away lately. I miss them being here, but it gives me a chance to meet
some other people. I used to think that I needed a lot, but then I realized that I
only needed a few. My first real best friend was very smart. She taught me a lot
about going to school and trying. She had a lot of cats, and I ended up giving her
one of my cat's kittens when my cat had some kittens. It was neat. She had lost
her dad to cancer, but she made a good friend in me. I still talk to her this day.

It is so good to know that she still cares for me.
lea1307 lea1307
18-21, F
May 14, 2012