Best Friend Gone

I've known him since 7th grade-10th grade. My best friend has purely neglected me. I was saddened by it. I guess me and my best friend didn't hang out until 7th grade. My best friend was nice to me and made me feel comfortable being myself. Didn't know it would end in 3 years. I was expecting so much more with this friendship. Sure we did stuff, but nothing exciting. He would ignore me for a while.....and then he'd ask me if he could come over. He makes up excuses when to come over. He didn't act like my friend at all during school in the 9th grade. He avoided eye contact. He never asked me if we could go somewhere away from my house. We could've went to movies. Before it ended, he would come to my house, and he would be on his I Phone playing games. It sucks because I cared about my best friend. I understand that some people need their space. But it's been a year now. I have accepted it dead. Since I'm Christian and have grown closer to God, I know that had to come to pass. Every obstacle is temporary. He will always be my best friend in my heart, but externally, he isn't. I have accepted that already.
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Sep 14, 2012