The Friend

I met a girl here on EP,,and its been three days that we've started chattin for hours and hours.Last night,she told me about her life more closely and her recent problems.She is such a sweet girl,,probably the most sweetest ever,and so i felt that she dis not deserve what all had happened to her .I felt terribly sorry for her.So ,,last night,she came into my dream again and again,,probably about three times in the same night and we were just chatting.I cant remember what we were chatting about but we kept on chattin.Sometimes,the dream would come to an abrupt end but then it would start all over again and we would start chattin again.
There is nothin special about the dream but i was surprised enough to see her in my dream coz we've known each other for only three days or so and yet it seems we understand each other quite a lot.
Anyways,,thnx for readin my dream,,,have a nice day :)
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012