I Lost My Sweetest Friend On Ep

I had a friend here in my previous account.We got along very well and had a lot in common .We used to chat till mid night for hours and hours.Time used to run away when she used to be online and EP felt like a heaven,,i mean i got so much addicted to EP that i would log into whenever i could. and this was all because she used to be there with me.She is very very sweet,considerate and humble.U know i ve been a loner all my life but when she came, things started to get better for me.But one day as we were chattin ,she got the impression that i was hitting on her.Let me tell u what happened.I had been chatting with her so fondly that i wanted to see how she looks like but she hadn't uploaded any pic of hers,,so i used to think about how does she look like and my this curiosity led me to ask her about her hair and eyes.I wanted to picture her in my mind but when i asked her about her hair and eyes she felt as if i had started flirting with her so she just went silent and didn't respond.That evening i felt like a worthless piece of trash.I was so angry and frustrated with myself that i punched the wall of my room with my right hand.Unfortunately my hand was already injured a few days ago and when i punched the wall with it,,,it seemed as if i had some serious damage to my hand.I cried in pain.The pain was literally unbearable .My mum got worried and rushed me to the doctor.He took an X RAY and confirmed that the tissues of my thumb and index finger were seriously torn..Here i m now,,sitting with hand all wrapped up with bandages while i m typing with my left hand alone.My hand is hurting seriously but this pain is nothing as compared to the pain that i m feeling in my heart.Now that i don't have her in my friend list i m feeling as if there is no one online here at EP and that i m all alone.It sucks.Now i m all alone again as i have been for all my life.My heart and eyes are cryin but i am not letting tears have their way.Its 6 in the evening now and I have not eaten anythin today and i don't feel like too.I m just very sad and angry at myself.I know that she will never send me a friend request again coz she doesn't know that i m back here at EPand is probably disgusted with me.But i want to get her back as my sweet friend.I miss the way she used to call my name.There used to be so much affection in her talk.I want someone to tell her that she was mistaken coz i was not hitting on her and neither was i flirting with her.I just wanted to picture how she looks.Seriously,,i wasn't flirting with u _ _ _ _,,please believe me .I m not that kind of a guy who flirts with every girl around him.I thought u understood me.Would someone tell her that i miss her like crazy and this site is nothing like it used to be when she was around.Please come back,,please,,,,,,,,,,,,
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So, this is it.. huh?.. I saw this just now..

You haven't told this thing so far............. *leer*

yeah, but many like to hear their friend's hiding grievances so as to understand and speak properly.. Hiding within yourself doesn't mean that you are only hurting yourself but also you are hurting that friend's expectations too.. so try not to be so darkened :)

Thats cute ^_^



I am pretty determined to end any thread with mine, :D

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I hope you're feeling better now, the world is a big place, I'm sure you'll find loads more sweet friends. :)

Take care.

It's stupid that she was so offended just by a request to see how she looks. You don't have to be so melodramatic about it. It wasn't really any fault on your part. Any normal girl would've politely declined and asked you to be patient.
Hopefully the hand didn't suffer permanent damage.

My heart hurts for you. Are things looking up for you these days?

That is just so sad. What a horrible misunderstanding. Hope you're okay now and have made some new friends. :)

Aww I am so sorry that happened.

i kinda had a friend like that too, but after all that happened, i guess he's not that good guy i thought he was.

I guess hes not. :'(

At times we meet these special people in our lives and engage to the extent where our emotions and fantasies ...if you wanna call them that, skyrocket to euphoria however there has to be a time for YOU to take care of you instead of drowning inside of someone else no matter how great they may be or how amazing they are, you must still remember who comes first. And that is yourself. Sorry for relationship crisis though...hope you meet her again someday...

That is the price of compassion.

I had the exact same thing with a friend on EP. He went offline for a couple of days. When he came back he said he was seriously ill. Tuesday, Sept. 25th was the last time I talked with him. It really does hurt! I know what you felt. (((HUGS)))

im not her, but im so sorry. thats really odd, how could she think tou wanted more then to visualize her face...unless and i dont want t say it but maybe she wasnt a woman and lied? its happened before you know. if you need a friend im here and thats what i look like

no i dont thinik you did esp after all the chats etc

thats what makes me wonder if she wasnt a woman and lied to you, it seems off

I truly hope you find your friend again...

I'll be your friend.

awww she was a lucky girl to have you! am i mistaken in believing that you love her?