"don't Pity The Girl With One True Friend... Pity The Girl With Just A Thousand Acquaintances."

My best friend, the best friend I’ve known since elementary school, whom it’s safe to say is like a sister, gave me a bit of harsh advice today. She knows of all the hard times I’ve been through and the difficulties that I’m going through now. A few weeks back, I had expressed what was bothering me about my certain friends, family and people in my life. I expressed to her how I feel that I’m losing all of my close friends, and how I feel, that I’m the only one trying to put an effort in keeping these friendships going. She then brought up my past, and in her own words stated how I have always chosen the wrong friends. Friends who get me in trouble, friends who couldn’t care less about what’s going on in my life, friends who will only talk to me when things are great in my life, friends who want to travel and need a place to stay, or those friends, when their life becomes sad and need a shoulder to cry on, come to me. Then when it’s my turn to have someone by my side, there’s no one but her. I had never realized all of this until she slapped me into reality. She opened up my eyes, in a harsh way, but thanks to her I know that I should re-evaluate the people I have around me. I find it to be a very hard process to put certain people behind me, and move on. It hurts, because these individuals did play a great part in my life, but it’s true that, life is short and you should only make time for people who actually put an effort to be part of your life.
Stellamortez Stellamortez
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Sometimes friends require support, this can be a long or short term thing. Some will always need more than they can repay, for whatever reason. Most make an effort to give something back. It's only when the tide of obligation does not ebb and flow, like the sea, but runs in one direction only as a river does that you need to consider whether this person belongs in your life.
The choice can go either way. Once you know their role in your life, you will be able to decide.