More Than You Know

The word friendship is a strong word for me. 

A friend is someone who can be trusted and doesn't judge you or criticize your ideas or thoughts.  They may disagree with you, but they don't belittle your ideas. 

A friend is someone who will stick up for you and offer advice on how to better yourself.

Since coming to EP, I have made many friends.  I want to thank all those people who have helped me by being my friend.  It truly means a lot to me.

I hope you can feel the love pouring from my heart, cause it's directed at you!

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7 Responses Feb 6, 2009

wow you couldn't have said it better. friendships are supposed to be like that. Sadly i have superficial friendse i'v started having trust issues cuz of them... :(

Thank you LookHowTheyShine. I hope you can feel the love pouring out of my hugs! ((((HUGS)))) ((((HUGS)))) ((((HUGS)))) Your friendship is a gift for me!

((((SMILES)))) ((((HUGS)))) ((((CHEERS)))) ; )

OK....I could......I would.......But I won't.....hehe

I'm happy that your happy!<br />

I'm happy for you.

((((HUGS)))) I've let my guard down here. I feel comfortable with everyone!