Health 3

Greetings: Good nutrition isn't only about vits., there are other factors. Water is crucial, without water I find myself slowing down , not thinking too clear. Food and water are life, without them we would die so i guess they are pretty important. Taking care of ourselves would seem to take up all our time, does take time but not that much, that I am just too busy. I figuire if I don't do these things, I could'nt do for others as well as I should. Rest is also vital, without enough, I don't think as clearly and become irratable at times, energy is down. Sleep deprivation is a major problem. We sacrifice our rest for all manner of things. I have to be honest, that this seems to be very complicated but as my understanding grows, things become clearer and much simpler, really its a way of life, life isn't that what its all about? I began to understand that what is physical also affects the brain, where our mind is located. There is a connection, I believe , between the two. I would suggest, keep things simple as possible, Don't listen to too much theory or sales pitches. I really don't know why I started all this or how it all began but I'm sure glad about it. have a healthy day, feel better.
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61-65, M
Aug 26, 2012