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Always been involved with excersise. When you know your in good shape, it touches so many other areas in your life. Acually I've lifted weights most of my life, still do. I had a keen interest or picture of what a man should be like. This sport was a personal journey of mine not for riches or fame. In fact I hid my physique most of the time. But this sport took me down many roads and I learned much along the way.
One other thing about our diets- losing weight. This is the rule, about no more than 2# per month, slow isn't it? The reason being to allow the skin to compensate without stretch marks. the other is doinging changes slowly. we have set points, where our body will fight to keep the calorie intake, to get around that you have to fool yourself kind of. Patience and the long veiw will take you there, forget the overnight stuff. Eat smaller meals, more often, rather than the 3meal a day thing, that way you won't put undue strain on your digestive system, a nice even flow of calories, think a dripping faucet.
These days we have machines and buttons to do work, not good. Get that heart to pump, doesn't matter how you do it Don't stretch before you excersise , you have to be pumped up, start into it slowly say just walking, after you're used to it add add ankle or wrist weights striving to make it harder
When done , now you stretch but hold that stretch for a while no bouncing. Key words- slowly, harder and harder. We do all this to strengthen our immune system, all previous posts tie into this
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61-65, M
Aug 31, 2012