I Do And It Gets Me Into A Lot Of Trouble

I value honesty thereby I am very honest. I never sneak around or do any shady stuff.Up untill recently I thought honesty is the best policy, I was wrong. Everytime I am honest; it end up in one great F**** . Take note of the capital F.
Would it be so terrible if I was not so bloody honest all the freacking time?
I am not causing any harm to anyone. I was just being considerate and look where is had gotten me...
I take evrything I said. There is nothing wrong with being honest, however the people you are being honest with are a diffrent matter. I should have known better.... I do know I truely do not know what I wa thinking.... as a matter of fact I will always and forevr remember this catastrophie.
Thank you dear for letting me know what griund we stand on.You defined the ways I should be using when it comes to you and the likes of you.
While it might be done out of ....love-not love but rather fear,irrational one at that- it still meaningless and hurtful and pathetic.
I am have no idea how much of this I can still live through and keep my sanity intact. I shall indure...
What other choice do I have ?
ThomsonRania ThomsonRania
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012