I Know How To Deal With The Truth.

Like probably everyone I have been hurt by the truth, but I know how to deal with it then.
I have been deceived by people and spend a lot of time trying to deal with deception; only to become frustrated because nothing seems to work or come out right.
Just tell me the truth and let me get my emotional issues over, and get on with life.
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5 Responses Dec 8, 2012

The Truth is rarely obvious! That is why we all search for the Truth. Truth equals .... without a doubt knowing! X

With the right person we do not have to wonder, or search. We accept their word just like their love; unconditionally.
Thank You for instilling that trust in me : )

Right back at you dear! Thank you.

I am with you on this!!!

You BET!!! The truth does hurt sometimes, but it ALWAYS hurts so much less than lies do.

Thank you for reading and the support.

true, true.....seems not everyone values it as much as we do....too bad because I think they do end up getting some of their own medicine which is good for them I think.

Appreciate you stopping by FL. Let's hope those that are not honest get caught and learn from it.

Sounds fair to me Friend.

I am glad you took the time to read and even happier that you agree.