Be Honest, Work Hard.

I have an adopted six year old boy and I have been teaching him since he could talk the following, "What does your daddy want you to be?"  He will reply "Be honest and work hard."

I feel this encapsulates alot of what I would relay to a child I love.  Sure there is a lot of grey area and I am not perfect,  but as a goal as an ideal it is quintessential.  Our society doesn't really endorse honesty anymore.  Its how slick are your lies or what lawyers you can afford.

A person used to be as good as his/her word. That is why I don't give my word lightly.

Taro Fiend

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

I have a love for Truth that has been getting me into trouble. Lots of it, lots of changes, lots of shifts. And grief. But I reckon that I won't lose anything that I truly truly need. But there is loss nonetheless. People are more scared of the Truth that they are of the lies, even if they KNOW they will blow up in their faces in the future. I don't understand that. Only the Truth grounds us and allows us to move forward. Lies keep us anchored. It's great to hear that you're teaching your blessed son to be of solid substance. That makes me happy. :-) I needed that today.