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My Perspective

To me one aspect of humility is the ability to look at ourselves objectively, admitting our errors and the willingness to correct them. Some mistakes cannot be corrected, so a humble well-meaning apology is in order and simply making the effort not to do those things anymore.

 Then there are deeper aspects, when something within ourselves that is dysfunctional is brought to our attention or we see it within ourselves. Admitting that flaw is humility and stepping back to look at how to fix that within ourselves is an even greater sign of humility.

Being humble enough to admit that we do not know everything is very important. Doing so opens our minds to new knowledge and perspectives on life.  When a person can’t admit this, they do not grow intellectually, spiritually, or any other way.

I consider myself to be very humble. I have no problem doing the things above. I hear a lot of people say that they don’t care what others say about them, but I think that is the wrong way to think. It is through listening to those perspectives that we can see ourselves through the eyes of others. Though, we must filter out those things that are only meant to hurt us.

Although, I am humble in many ways, there are some aspects that I have difficulty with. I struggle with admitting weakness. I’ll carry everything on my shoulders to the point that my legs break beneath me. Then everything ends up being a mess, because it was too much for me to handle alone.

Someone recently told me that I look at myself with a magnifying glass that distorts the image sometimes. There is a lot of truth in that. Sometimes I judge myself way too harshly, expecting perfection. When I don’t meet that standard, I’m very hard on myself. I hold myself to standards that are unreasonable.

Those things that I expect from myself, those humble aspects, I don’t expect from others. I guess I just learned a long time ago that we cannot control other people’s actions and thoughts. The only person that I can control is myself, but I end up accepting unacceptable behavior and being a door mat. In a lot of cases, I end up being the only one taking responsibility for actions and mistakes made.

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Makes sense!! I have a few Virgo friends and they're all principled ppl, too. ;)

Well, the good thing about accepting your own responsibility is that you don't have to wake up each day and wonder what lie you told the day before and glance over your shoulder to see what new enemies you've made through denial!!! btw...excellent take on"humility" I completely agree...good post!

You sound like a scorpio... you sound like me. I, too, am a very humble person. And like you, I look at myself ob<x>jectively and strive for perfection according to my own standards. My problem was also holding myself up to these standards, yet accepting poor behavior due to the fact that I am too UNDERSTANDING. Once I realized what my problem was, it became easy to fix. I began practicing saying "no" and putting myself first instead of others. This caused a grand shift in how others treated me and who I allowed to stay in my life. I soon distinguished between who was there to replenish the time and energy that I gave and who sucked it dry like a vampire.<br />
<br />
I've always said that ppl are like mirrors - they show us who we are. But I wholeheartedly agree that we must filter out the info that was meant to hurt us. You are beautifully made and people like us are a dying breed. It takes a strong person to look within, face our own criticism, and make changes.

me too!

You and I are alike in this manner. I put so much more pressure on myself because I have one child and one shot to get it right. I will be the first one to forgive everyone but I struggle to forgive myself. There are some who take advantage of this. My Ex gets away with a lot. I've tried my hardest to ignore a lot of his tactics as my daughter doesnt need to hear or see any more emotional drama between us.

Yes humility is one of the better human qualities. As much as they look similar from the outside it and low self esteemed are not related. Though if we are not diligent people will take advantage of our humility for their selfish ends. Being open means being innately vulnerable, however awareness, intelligence, and experience can keep us agile, thus making us a difficult target to hit. The ability to be humble and introspective is a truely a gift we give ourselves, though others may benefit from it indirectly. Such a thoughtful post you have written.

Good words affinity. It's a hard line to judge sometimes in deciding how far is too far to let another push you....The older I get the more I realize I don't like to be pushed much at all.....But I'm not one for pushing others either so maybe I find a little bit of balance with humility in there somewheres. Being human is tricky business....

Aww, you're looking for the you're already better then half way there... :)