Friends Are Like A Adopted Family :)

I love my friends whether they're internet or reality friends they all have a little place in my heart! Older, Younger, Male, Female, Close by or Far Away .. they lift my spirits when i am low or bring me back down to earth with a very large bump! They make me smile or make me cry, we celebrate, comiserate, go shopping, do lunch and dance the night away! We share a joke, a tale of woe or maybe a secret they'd be the first to know! They are a blessing, little angels in disguise my shining stars guiding me through this life! Without my friends life would be dull, they are the part of me that make me whole!

Dedicated to All my friends xx

ZzztinkZzz ZzztinkZzz
41-45, F
5 Responses Feb 19, 2010

very nice !

Thank you .. its good to re-visit this and still remains true .. :)

well said , friends is the only companion which last with you forever ...$ ever ......<br />

A great way to look at life.... there should be more like you. ( I scurry away to become more like your description)

from the heart.

very touching... :)