Friends Are The Sunshine Of Life

friends scolds you like a father. giving advices like a mother. hurt you like a little sis/bro. & most of all love you more than a lover.

thats what friends for me... i am blessed to have my friends around (not anly in facebook, friendster, twitter, ym & etc.)...

they are there for me... take care of me... & love me more than my girlfriend... i am glad i have them (& also all of you...)

without my friends & you... maybe now, i am in my cuffin... though they hurt me in phrases, & always give me advices that i myself cannot do...

i love them very much... & i will treasure them for a very long time of my journey of my life...

i love you all.. ;)

mayuki06 mayuki06
18-21, T
Feb 20, 2010