Over the years I met so many people and with some good values , few places questioned my relationships with people, I even thought something was wrong with me , because living in new environment I was more rejected than accepted
I couldn't put finger on it , was it some discrimination or what is it, was I a bad person!!!
Many nites I couldn't even fall asleep, went to shrink looking for answers, I was truly believing , it's me that cause all this chaos that make ppl blow up in my face
It made me think, only one, I am the one doing wrong , but come to find out some people still loves me for years, not few years like almost 30 years we didn't lose connection
So I started to value who I am and I realized I got rules and limits
Now I'm proud of myself and I pray to God I believe in for creating me the way I am,
I will just be me, and who don't like that, I don't think I would focus on that!!!!
I will focus on meeting new people who appreciate them self, love them self, have abilities to learn new things, wider their horizons and get they butt up and make that day happy as happy can be!!!
Love is something we can't purchase in any stores , and love for yourself is what any individual should learn or don't make no friendships !!!!
Like they say: if you can't love yourself how you gonna love anyone else!!!
So all ya that love ya self please share ur thoughts I wanna hear and I'm desperate to hear, because I don't see that often around me, like I'm the only one reading one book and no1 hurd of it !!!!

Enlighten me what self love is!!!!
Thank You and have blessed day
hunlove hunlove
36-40, F
1 Response Sep 1, 2014

I think learning to love ourselves is something that takes us time to learn. But once we do love ourselves it's so much easier to share our love with those around us!

I agree with you, that was my big lesson I had to learn and still learning