It Is Written In The Stars

Just checked Rob Brezsney's "Free Will Astrology" sight for this week's horoscope, and I received the most precious reading.  It is absolutely what I needed to hear:


Historians trace the origin of Poland as a nation to the year 966. It mostly thrived for hundreds of years, but was extinguished in 1795, when three imperialistic invaders -- Russia, Prussia, and Austria -- claimed different parts of it as their own. Throughout the 19th century, when there was no Poland, the Poles fought to restore self-rule. Their dream came true on November 11, 1918, when Poland once again became an independent nation. I regard the phase you're now in, Pisces, as having certain similarities to the state of the Polish people in October 1918. Congratulations in advance for the imminent return of your sovereignty.


I'm printing this off and am going to carry it with me as a reminder of where I'm at. 

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6 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I always keep signs like this as well,<br />
<br />
I would have kept this one if it was in my astrology sign.

I'm so glad I read this....don't think it's "corny" at sure does seem to be an message.

Oh, that's a good one!

I know! I thought that as well! I love it when the Universe does that!

As corny as it might sound, I'm taking it as a sign, a message. Whereas my previous post was something I needed to hear myself say, this one seems like a message in reply.

Wow! That's a keeper for sure. Read it often, Juan.