Because I Am A Good Person

Sometimes it takes a bit of oumph!! to remind me of this.  Oftentimes I simply grow complacent about how life just rolls along in its hum-drum cycle, assured that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, try to keep life organized, and to keep up with the laundry-in, laundry-out pattern of existence. 

Really, however, I'm fairly exuberant about myself.  As I write this article, I find myself in my fouth month of unemployment.  Also, although I enjoy the friendship of a woman I met in a skills training program and whom I stay in touch with, she is not "available," really.  This has left me feeling a bit more sad and lonely.  Before I met her I simply made do being by myself.  Her entering the picture makes me reflect on a that gap in my life.

Now, I could let these and other problems overwhelm me, to the point of despair, if I chose.  Instead, I remember that I have a lot of very good qualities, am an honest and caring individual, educated, bright, sensitive to other's needs, and not scared to pursue my goals and dreams.  Sometimes they take a while to accomplish, but I'm a patient man.  I've overcome a lot of obstacles and will continue to do so.  I'm 41-years-old, and life has only begun, really.

I am proud of the man I've become.  Not in a boisterous, arrogant way.  Just quietly satisfied that I have made many good decisions on my journey, and will continue to accomplish what I set out to do.  I am a good person.  I don't need others to acknowledge that for me.  I simply value the gifts, abilities, and life that I have.
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Jul 12, 2010