People Who Don't Use Possessive Pronouns When Referring To Their Family Members

This is just a pet peeve of mine. This girl in one of my high school classes always used to tell me about her life. I hardly knew her or the people she would talk about, yet she always referred to them as "Aunt Jackie" or "mom" or "Uncle Mark." Sweetie, we are not related. These people are not my family members, they're yours. I don't call your Aunt Jackie, "Aunt Jackie," nor have I ever heard you mention her before. Another girl in one of my college classes used to do the same thing.

I feel like it's something adults instinctively do for toddlers - instead of saying, "Your Uncle Mike's on the phone!" we'll just say, "Uncle Mike's on the phone!" Even if he isn't OUR uncle, we use less words so that they understand us better.  But after a certain age, you just don't do that anymore.

What prompted me to write this was reading this girl on my Facebook's status update: "I love it that shout outs came back when Daddy decided to come to worship tonight! First thing mom says when we get back... So did she shout out at you too? LOL Love embarrassing the rents!" Umm, was this meant to go to someone specific? Or are you talking to your entire Facebook network? Because I have never met "Daddy" or "mom."

I guess that's another pet peeve - when people make statuses that are only for a select group of people. Like DO realize you made sure 500+ people could read this, right? Okay, just checking. Lol, now I'm just b*tching. But, you get the point.

addalee addalee
May 8, 2012