Childish And Childlike

Not too many people are still childlike when they're adults.  It's those that refused to kill the child within themselves. 

Grown-ups have been children once.  And though children want to grow into adults, at one point they see that the adult world is far from perfect.  That's the moment when some of them won't give up all. 

They're so right in doing so.  They stay innocent.  Whatever their behavior or lifestyle may be, they kept intact that wonderful capacity to be amazed and surprised.  And they stay interested in almost anything for the rest of their lives.


It's a pity not everyone keeps the child within himself alive.  And even more a shame it is that their number is easily surpassed by the childish.

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

LOL at Taken! So fun to lurk. One friend here, because she is an EP supporter, makes herself on invisible mode...then she gestures me starting with peek a boo and all wacky stuff one after the other. It's fun because it's like having an imaginary friend. I'm always on alert when I don't see her profile online. Ironic, ay? <br />
But that's keeping alive the child in you. :)

I guess I passed this test, ay? Me wishing to be a ;)<br />
<br />
I love this story...thank you, m&l...glad I was lurking through Bellas' recent activity. ;)

So true....I do think that's a real gift and such a rare quality to find in people..