Connecting Sustains Me

I interact with a lot of people every day-family, co-workers, students, neighbors.  But interactions are not necessarily connections.  More often than not, real connections seem to occur in random conversations, when suddenly we realize that we share a common experience, a common interest, maybe even a common flaw.  Finding these connections creates bonds that endure even when we are separated.  I treasure these connections.  They sustain me during challenging times.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

This is so true...very few people do I truly feel that deeper meaningful connection with. They are the greatest treasures of my life. Then when someone comes into your life unexpectedly and you think "wow, I really get that person and they get me". It's such a rare and beautiful thing!

How very true - connections are so important and whilst blood family are good, these types of connections are the key. Nicely put, thank you for sharing,