My Expierences

I Come from a very humble back ground. I have an elder brother,who has no time to talk to me.I did my graduation .I had got a job as an Airhostess In a reputed International Airlines.I was good in sports art,& won many prizes.I got married ,blessed with two dauthers. Suddenly there was abig storm after seventeen years. My elder daughter passed away .Its altmost  seven years on this comming 17Aug,memories are so fresh.She was hospltalised for almost two months monitered by best doctors ,they said she was out of danger .All in vain.My younger daughter was 8years old then .I could only tell her that some things are beyond our control.
My husband & self were low .I was strong &gave courage to my daughter. My parents were my strength,they  passed away last  year,age of 85yrs.They were my support.I thank God for that.Time is a healing factor.I keep myself busy ,busy man is a happy man.

Jul 29, 2010