Walking On a Dream

I guess it is time to add a story for this one and I am in the kind of mood that calls for it.  My two favorite songs at the moment are these and wanted to share that first.



            The topic is unique people in my life that I appreciate.  Oh, let me count the ways.  I love the people in my life and value the unique circumstances they are all surrounded by and come from.  There was a time in my life where I was more inclined to only associate with people that could reflect back on who I already was.   It makes for rather boring conversation and limited experiences.  I have a close friend that is Muslim and Afghan.  We have some of the most interesting discussions and I love his stories of a life I can only imagine.  I even have a close friend that is Republican.  We discuss issues in the world and then look at the reasons behind what we believe.  Usually it is that I am overly trusting and she is overly fearful.  We both admit it, honesty is such a great thing.  I have friends that have children and friends that don’t.  I have friends that haven’t had a serious relationship in years.  I have new friends and old friends.  I have friends to go dancing with and friends to discuss books with.  When you get to the core of who people are there is almost always something to admire, wonder at, and bond over.   We are far more similar than we are different.  I am thankful for the unique people that let me into their lives.  It helps me to understand this human condition better, evolve, and see it from another side.   I hope I do the same for them.

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i have learned the hard way of acceptance..I accept people as they are to me and i never expect them to impress me..I have a soft spot for people who are the underdogs of society,the odd balls ..those who found thier own unique niche to get by in..because much like myself we lack what most in society may deem as daft or touched in the head..Many times i do get hurt or disappointed but it never changes in how i am to others or who i am as a person..People should ask themselves what made the person they think who is odd the person whom they seem to be..behind the down turned eyes there's a story to each person..

Amen!!! Brilliant & precious... how many of us can actually really & truly try to understand life from another's perspective??? We are so judgemenal (and I say "we" because I do include myself)