I Have Something To Say.

I want you all to know. You can never have too many best friends. It is better to have a true friend than an aquaintance. It has taken me many friendships to figure out others around me. There were many times when I would be friends with someone to discover that they weren't really my friend. People need true friends to help them through life. I want you guys to know that I care. I will be looking for some online friends. Tell me about yourselves. My name is Lisa.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Lisa,.........and here I thought U were a male. My bad. It was a misunderstanding on my part. Anyhow, how are U this morning? It's Friday, but then again, everydays a Friday to me. I'm off to the Nature Center this morning, and then to the doctors office for my 6 months check up.
What do U like to do? Are you out of school yet? My son, Adam, went to college at the Philadelphia Institute of Art and now he's a motion graphics artist. I only mention that because he stayed in Philly, and we live in OH. It's a long commute for us, so we only see him and his wife when the holidays show up.
Again, sorry for the mix up. Forgive me? Rich