The Type Of Friends I Have Would....

Break their foot skipping
Get drunk on apple juice
Sing a random song about Canada when were not going there
Scream at someone to stop screaming
Make a video of barbie zombies
Swears someones staring at them, waves to them, and says Damn-it
Go to a kid movie and want to see the next one
Sees a cute guy and hits you for it
Tackles a friend and that friend calls another friend and the first friend jumps up running as she is chased by the other, then turns around and repeats only for the same thing to happen.
Goes up to your house with hand- binoculars and yells at you through your window I see you while you hang out.
Call your make-up bag the torture treatment.
Tell you shut up so I can interrupt you
Spend five minutes on the phone just saying Nehh back and forth.
When someone else takes the seat next to you they sit on the arm of the couch and slides over onto them.
Sing random pop songs in public really loudly with you and purposely sing badly.
HeartSelfMade7668 HeartSelfMade7668
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012