Sexy Vampiers

Well i know this sounds a little weird but i cant help it. The music from queen of the damed is hot not all of it just a few songs are they are just so erotic. I think vampires are real just not the way ppl think they are. i dont think they have to stay out of the sun light. I don't think they have to drink nothing but blood and they cant eat food cus it will kill them and i don't think that every one knows if they are a vampire..


 I have these dreams mostly day dreams but i have had a night dream about vampires. these dreams almost seem to real to be a dream. i dont know how to explain. but ever since i can remember i have been wanting to know as much as possible and been very interested in vampires. now vampires may very well be a myth but i still think that maybe they are not. but this may be just me. I guess this is all i really have to say on this as of right now i will write more later thank you for reading.
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3 Responses Dec 18, 2006

like you i have bn fasinated about vampiers too.

i totally agree with you <br />
<br />
vampiers are sooo sexy!<br />
<br />
<br />
even if there ugly (if you know what i mean?)<br />
<br />

Moerse storie!!!!