I 've a Friend Who Is About to Make a huge Mistake and I Can't Stop Her

She is a very cute 16 year old girl, She likes to talk online with hot black guy (yeah blacks she loves afro Americans) now she arranged a date with this one black guy which she met online, and she wants to meet him and lose her virginity to him. She didn't want me to know about this but I found out , I tried and I can't talk her out of it, she said that she wants to know how it is to have sex. I told her to wait until she finds someone she loves, and that it is a big mistake to loser her virginity to a stranger over the Internet, he will just use her, she will sooooo regret it one day.


GrueneRose GrueneRose
1 Response Jan 22, 2007

She is making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Believe me she will regret it. She will feel weak and used, if not then, then later in life when she looked back on it. And the first time is NEVER what you imagined it to be. If she gives herself up know she will be making poor choices from there on in. At that age all he wants is her body, he won't stick with her!!!! Who knows what he is carrying and not telling her. She could get pregnant forced to have it, or even killed if he gets drunk. He may seem nice on the net but he will take any chance to get with her. She is just training him to treat women like garbage and he will do it to someone else. You have to stop her or she may seriously get hurt. She ain't going to let you ruin this for her because she feels like she needs to fit in and gain a rank over the others. You will see her throw her life away if she does this. I've seen it before. It is not a pretty site. The girl I am talking about fought with her parent and moved out to work at a telemarketing job before she finished high school. Never heard of her since but I know life is crap for her. She had told me once.