Inside Joke Taken Too Far

Me and my friend were joking around about those cheesy Native American style t-shirts you see all the time at flea markets, we said we needed to get some and wear them out on the weekend, we love to wear dumb things that are funny over trying to look mega cool like alot of people.  So one day I ordered two matching three wolf moon shirts that for some reason have become super popular now (which kinda ruins the joke), and we started wearing them out together and announcing ourselves as the wolfpack.  We even thought up this ridiculous WWE-style entrance routine and music for when we our beer pong partners, it's quite the sight.  I even got a fang mouthpiece from one of those 25 cent things at grocery stores.  Needless to say we took the joke to the extreme, but it's definitely got us alot of attention when we are out, there's nothing better than witnessing the confusion when the next team on the beer pong list is the wolfpack...

BrandNewNobody BrandNewNobody
18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

And you should be scared, we are dominant haha

Haha - I'd be way too scared to play the WOLFPACK in beer pong - especially a pack with fangs!! Haha, I love it

Thnx, I try...