Im a Hippy

                                     ive always been a hippy. i went thru all the stages in the late 60s and early 70s. i thru up my hand and made the peace sign and i even went thru the flower power stage. i made it and survived an era thru lifes journeys!

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Oh Dorobo I just saw this-lol

Thanks you guys!!!!

Thanks you guys!!!!

my hippy road had a distinct beginning. 1976. went to the head football coach and told him i wanted to quit. he said two things that have stayed with me to this day. "what will your dad think of you?" and "you won't have any friends".<br />
<br />
that pissed me off so much that i rebelled overnight. couldn't hang with the jocks, or the nerds, or the yuppies. but the stoners were there with open arms.<br />
<br />
i've never trusted government or societal norms since. had to do the responsible bit in growing a family, but i like to hold on to one of George Carlin's goodies, "i'm still a long hair hippy, its just that all the hair is on the inside now". :D~~

I was around and had several hippy friends, but never went that way myself. Were you into free love and communes and make love, not war?