Not Anymore

Over the last 3+ weeks, i've not only been a **** boyfriend, but just a really **** friend in general. I've been so wrapped up in my own life that i didnt take any notice of the person i care most about in this entire world, the person i would die for, my best friend and girlfriend. I stopped listening to her, i stopped talking to her, i just stopped everything. I knew **** was hitting the fan for her but i just didnt do anything about it, i just let it happen... I'm so ashamed of myself, i cant believe i let it happen. I was so selfish. She's done so much for me and i never once stopped and showed her how much i appreciated it, appreciated her. She means the world to me and i treated her like ****.

But, now i've changed. Im not going to be a selfish jerk off anymore, im going back to how i used to treat her. with respect. I regret what i did, how i treated her, and what i've put her through in the last 3 and a half weeks. Im back. Im going to listen to her again, im going to spend time with her, i'm going to pamper her, im going to make her feel like a ******* Queen. I will do anything for her. I'm going to be there everytime she needs to talk, just like i used to be, but now, im even closer than i was before. When ever she needs someone, i'm there. Whether its 11 am, 3 pm or 4.40 am, i dont care, im going to be there to listen, just like i used to be. I may not be able to give the best advice, but i will always be there to listen.

She is the most important person in my life. I told her i would die for her, and i mean it. I need her, she's my everything. I would give everything i have, if it ment keeping her in my life for even 1 more day than what time has been planned for us. She's increadible.

I've changed, I love her so much, im never going to treat her like that ever again. I swear on my entire familys life. Never again, im never going to make her feel the way i have ever again.


I'm starting from scratch


I love you Delilah, i'm sorry for everything i've done. I'm back now, whenever you need me, im there. Thats a promise. xo

nobodyknowswho nobodyknowswho
18-21, M
Feb 11, 2009