I noticed that my first little post made a few days back was "gone"

Well I just can't go on without my FAVORITE quote so I'll just put it back.

"Meh, I know your intent, but you don't even faze me"


ahhh thats better


dasmuggler dasmuggler
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I see now...

But same awesome quote.

ha ha no, whole different issue. Whole different person

Does this have anything to do with what I was following last night?

The quote is that powerful, isn't it? We must respect the power of the quote.

Oh I'm so not worthy of that, I'll have to settle for this humble posting

You could put it on your profile as your profile quote thingy!! LOL

Yeah I just could not continue my EP jorney without this quote...

That is a good quote. I would have used it as a Senior quote in high school if I could have. *giggle*