My mom caught me and my boyfriend doing stuff in my car one time. It was embaressing. We had gone out and had come back to my house after 11pm to get his stuff he left. Then I was gonna drop him at the train station. The lights were off in the house, so I figured everyone was asleep. We parked the car in front of the house and turned off the headlights. We talked for a while and then we started kissing. A few minutes later, we jumped when we heard a knock on the car window. I turned around and saw a little light shining in. I turned around to find my mom shining her keychain flashlight in. I rolled down the window and she wanted to know if we were done and when I was coming in. I didn't even want to know how long she was standing there. It was so awkward. Some people don't mind their parents seeing them, but I mind.:(

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Can you say busted... that is so embarrassing... but ya know I am sure she's seen you 2 kissing in the daylight...

no she hasn't. because when he comes over were in my room with door closed

No kiss good bye on the porch?

only in the car

im very private about that

Oh... okay....

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Stop you were enjoying the moment, u need to be honest

Ut oh

lol not good

Well we have a new location now

Good. I'm sure others would want to see but not your parents. Lol. Better than you seeing them tho. Lol.

I wonder who would want to see and Id faint if I saw my parents

well duh. Many people like to watch.

lol ew

sorry 😉

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I remember those days